Learn how Coop has accelerated their time-to-market with QBank

With QBank, Coop has been able to speed up their digital asset management workflow both in-house and with external parties. Utilizing QBank, Coop can instantly supply hundreds of users with the correct material and information. As a result, Coop has significantly reduced their time-to-market and the time spent on searching and retrieving assets.


As one of the largest grocery retailers in the Nordics, Coop was searching for a system that would enable them to distribute images, videos, market materials, guidelines, product images and information on a daily basis to stores, advertising agencies, employees and other involved parties. They had an outdated system that was unable to manage the ever-increasing amount of material produced by the organization. Their product images and information was not reaching stores in time, and controlling that retailers were using the right and updated material was a time-consuming process. Coop needed a tool where they could upload and store all of their digital content while retrieving the information stored in their PIM (Product Information Management).

The Challenge

Coop sv mediaportal

The solution

By serving as a hub for all of their images, videos, guidelines, and other marketing material, Coop has gained complete control of their distribution workflow. Controlling who has access to which media and ensuring assets are always updated to the latest version. In addition to serving as a DAM-platform, QBank is connected to Coop’s PIM (Product Information Management), provided by inriver. The product images and information is imported to QBank through the API, and this integration enables the end-user to find all material and information in one place.


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