The Board at QBank

QBNK HoldinG AB (publ)

The Board of QBNK Holding AB (publ) in accordance with the Company's articles of association consist of at least three and at most ten members, with not more than four deputies. The Company's Board consists of five members, including the Chairman. The current Board was elected at the General Meeting in April 2018.

The Board's work is governed by the ABL (Aktiebolagslagen), the Company's articles of association and the rules of the Company's Board of Directors. The company's rules of procedure stipulate, among other things, the division of responsibility between the Board and the President. The board always suggest principles for remuneration to the CEO.


Mats Persson QBNK Holding AB


Mats Persson, Chairman of the Board (b. 1948)

MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. MBA from UC Berkeley. Has extensive experience in CEO and board work in turnaround and growth companies. Mats is currently Chairman of the Board in Prolight Diagnostics AB, North Tracker AB, Newfour AB and Temabo AB. He is also Board member of Vironova AB. Mats has 25 years of experience in board related services in over 20 listed and non-listed companies.

Jonas Bergh, VD QBank


Jonas Bergh, Board member and CEO (b. 1971)

Executive MBA Degree from Stockholm School of Economics with extensive experience from IT, Business Development and Digitalization. Jonas Bergh currently serve as Board Member of Lidingö Tennis Club.  Jonas has founded multiple companies in IT and served as CEO of Avega Group AB and Chairman of the Board for the Group’s 20 subsidiaries. Also have long experience investing in listed and non-listed companies primarily within the Technology Sector.

Fredrik Grevelius, QBNK Holding AB


Fredrik Grevelius, Board member (b. 1968)

Fredrik Grevelius is an economist with work experience mainly auditing, equity research and asset management. Fredrik Grevelius is Chairman of Svevik Industri and Thatsup and Board Member of HomeMaid and Veteranpoolen. Fredrik Grevelius has been Chairman of Royal Design, CEO of Investment AB Öresund and Board member of AcadeMedia, Acne Studios Holding, Bilia, Carnegie Holding and SwitchCore.

Kjell Duveblad QBNK Holding AB


Kjell Duveblad, Board member (b. 1954)

Kjell Duveblad has an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. Kjell has had a successful career within management and sales, and had several management positions at companies like IBM and Oracle. Today, Kjell is active as board member in a number of Company boards, and as an investor.

Ludvig Thureson QBNK Holding AB


Ludvig Thureson, Board member (b. 1984)

Ludvig Thureson has an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics. After graduation he went to Moscow where he was a part of the start-up of an advertisement website called Avito. He had several different roles at Avito, such as CFO and Founders’ Representative. Today Ludvig runs his own investment business with focus on small and midsize software companies, public and non-public.

Oskar Klingberg QBNK Holding AB


Oskar Klingberg, Board member (b. 1982)

Oskar Klingberg has many years of experience from management, sales and marketing. The last few years he has had full focus on successfully leading the Martech company Wiraya from 1,5 MSEK to 70 MSEK in seven years, correlative to 70% in yearly growth. Today, Oskar is operating his own consultancy business supporting fast-growing SaaS and e-Commerce businesses.