3 business effects from integrating a dam with a pim

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E-commerce companies today wishes to handle product information efficiently and being able to update product with the correct product information in different channels, to keep brand consistency. A PIM solution enables you to stay in control of all areas of the e-commerce strategy and go-to-market, adding a DAM solution can help you create efficient workflows for shortening your time-to market. Here’s three reasons why integrating your DAM to a PIM is going to have a positive effect on your business.

  • Customized workflows

    Integrating your DAM to a PIM, will enhance your control of the product lifecycle. A customized workflow can support you in automatically connecting your product information with the accurate product images. Customized workflows can also help retrieve updated product images from suppliers and distributors.

  • Shorten time-to-market

    Noticing the differences between a DAM and a PIM you can build a sustainable architecture to reach shorter time-to-market. Staying consistent in your mar­keting efforts like product campaigns and seasonal branding, in multiple chan­nels boosting your brand consistency.

  • Business processes

    To create ROI and run an optimized DAM solution you should keep your business processes. The DAM should support those efforts and we highly recommend you to setup your KPI’s to measure and follow improvement on a regular basis.



 Hopefully this article gave you some insights in becoming a smashing DAM user. Below is a link to more tips to get started with DAM.




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