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Customer service has come a long way since the good old days, when you actually had to visit the company, between 9-5, to get help. Most companies today offer a Knowledge Base for customers to find answers 24/7. So do we!

Help Us Help You!

At QBank we have a great support team at your service, to help and guide you. When contacting our support, you want your issue to be solved by the first reply. Right? If so, please read our following advice:

1. Be Specific. It helps us if you can be as specific as you possible can. Whatever your issue is, please include a precise description. If you have received an on-screen message, include it.

2. Screenshots are fantastic. Please Include screenshots to illustrate the issue you are facing. It will help us to understand your situation better, and faster.

3. Step-by-step. If possible, provide a step-by-step instruction to what you did to trigger your problem. Explain what you expected, and what result you got instead.

4. One issue per ticket Limit each support ticket to one specific issue.

This might seem like a lot of work, but the more information you include, the better help we can provide to you. It minimizes the chances of being misunderstood, and maximizes the chance of your issue being solved by our first reply.

Knowledge Base

Have you visited our Knowledge Base? We have gathered FAQ's, video tutorials, new features and tips, to help you get the most out of your QBank. Be sure to sign in, then you will get access to our QBank Manual and technical specifications. Maybe, the answer to your question is right there. Have a look!

QBank Support is Easy to Reach

We have a few different support channels to choose from.

  • Knowledge Base - online support with FAQ, video tutorials and guides
  • QBank support form - you will find it when signed in to your QBank. Look for the question mark in the upper-right corner
  • Email support - support@qbank.se
  • Phone support - +46 8 - 459 99 04




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