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A DAM Day Report

DAM Day, QBank, DAM maj 5, 2017


Yesterday we hosted our fourth DAM Day, this time in Gothenburg, Sweden. As always, we focused the event on Digital Asset Management, but we also got some inspiration on Digital Transformation.

The purpose of DAM Day, is to inspire within the area of Digital Asset Management. To achieve that we invite customers and partners as speaker, to share their experience of working with QBank. We also invite a speaker to inspire in another area, and this year it was within Digital Transformation.


Carl Petruson, QBank

We started off with a presentation by QBank’s CEO Carl Petruson. He talked about how Machine Learning is already a part of QBank and how this will develop further. As of today, it helps us work smarter, faster, and more accurate.  He talked about five important steps when implementing a DAM and we got to see the 2017 QBank roadmap. More about this in a coming blog post.


Patrik Zenno, Consid

Next up was Patrik Zenno, from our partner Consid. Patrik had a great presentation on where DAM fits within your digital strategy. He talked about how the expectations on marketing, sales and customer service teams have increased and how a digital asset management can solve time consuming issues. For example, The Sales Team who are expected to close more deals within the same time frame. To manage that you need efficient tools, such as a DAM solution, that manage accurate sales presentation and brochures.

Patrik also talked about our collaboration with Dometic Group and how QBank DAM got a central place in their digital transformation. An interesting case study with integrations to inRiver PIM, YouTube and Sitecore.


Marie Andervin, DigJourney

This DAM Day´s inspirational speaker really got our attention. Marie talked about digital transformation and got us all to look at ourselves and our organizations, from a digital transformation point of view. She talked about values like organizational culture and how to involve every employee in your digital journey, not only your management. We learned that you must get everybody onboard, to succeed with a digital transformation.


Kjell-Åke Rydén, Ericsson


We were proud to present our customer Ericsson on stage. Kjell-Åke Rydén is head of Digital Asset management at the global telecom giant Ericsson, and he gave us a hands-on demonstration of Ericsson Media Bank. He showed us how they use their QBank and what functions and features they have added. He gave the audience great tips on how to reach out to the users within the organization, and how to get people to use new features.

Ericsson has something called Employee Photo, a feature where employees can upload their own photos for Ericsson to use. A highly appreciated feature among the employees, especially those passionate about photography. Kjell-Åke also guided us through how they use templates for creating artwork and making PowerPoint presentations.

Finally, he demonstrated the Slide Manager, which enables you to build a PowerPoint presentation within the Ericsson Media Bank. You simple choose slides, drag-and-drop them into preferred order, and then download presentation. Simple as that.


Next DAM Day

Next DAM Day will be held in Stockholm in September, stay tuned for the invitation.


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Sofie Samrell

Written by Sofie Samrell

QBank's Marketing Manager since early 2016. Sofie has a passion for marketing, communications, and of course, DAM.



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