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Digital Asset Management, API, Digital Transformation, PIM, DAM januari 22, 2016

Continuing on previous week’s topic; a system that can only talk to itself is indeed a lonely system. When Google released its Maps API in 2005, any website could suddenly present beautiful and functional maps, mashed up with any other stored data.

Today, Social Media sites offer a number of API's to allow sharing and posting, and new services emerge every day that are mash-ups of existing tools, using APIs to weave them together. API's are the fabric of the web.

QBank DAM have been offering a well documented API since 2010, both used internally when creating connectors, but also directly by Integrators, Partners and Clients, to add value to their DAM implementation.

  • Do you need to present SKU numbers, EAN codes or Product Data in your DAM? Just connect it to a PDM or PIM system using API’s.
  • Want to eliminate playing the copy/paste game when populating Metadata? Use an API to automatically bring in the data from any system.
  • Want to present Digital Assets in a Mobile App? Use the API’s.

To learn more about QBank DAM’s API, head over to the QBank Knowledge Bank at

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* API, Application Programming Interface
** YA, Yet another Acronym


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Topics: Digital Asset Management, API, Digital Transformation, PIM, DAM

Christian Åkerlund

Written by Christian Åkerlund

Christian has a long experience from working with developing, delivering and supporting Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solutions for Volvo Cars, Logitech, Taylormade adidas and other great companies, both domestic and internationally.



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