Turn your digital assets into content

Or how to meet the deadline while still having time for lunch.

Digital Asset Management, Tips, QBank, Metadata, DAM april 29, 2016

Sometimes bigger is not better...

Consider the following scenario: You get this super important PowerPoint presentation (you know it must be important because it’s over 150MB in size), and you need to share it with a number of equally important recipients. You fire up your email and attempt to send it as an attachment, just to get the dreaded automatic response back: “Your attachments cannot exceed 25MB”. You open the presentation and notice there are only 15 slides in it, but the low amount of slides is definitely compensated by some really nice images.

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Faster Forward with Akamai

Digital Asset Management, QBank, Akamai, CDN april 22, 2016

To provide QBank customers with the best possible solutions, it is crucial that we are kept up-to-date and well educated within our niche - Digital Asset Management (DAM). Therefore, two of our developers went to Akamai University to participate in the course Web Performance Solution.

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Escaping the civilization

Digital Asset Management, QBank, API, Social media april 15, 2016

On Sunday afternoon the whole dev team met up in Stockholm for the yearly coding getaway. The concept is quite simple: locate a place in the middle of nowhere (but where you still get a 4G signal), pack the cars with a bunch of happy developers and drive off into the wilderness. This year we found a cute cabin in the Roslagen area where we set up camp. Once the fridge had been filled to capacity we started coding.

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Customer Relations in a World of Digitalization

Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, DAM april 1, 2016

Our society and the businesses that we operate are rapidly changing through digitalization, that’s an undisputable fact. Social media, technical shifts and new customer behaviours are types of new realities that we all face; some better than others.

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