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Our Connectors for adobe indesign & photoshop just got even better!

Digital Asset Management, Marketing, DAM, InDesign, Features, Photoshop november 22, 2021
No matter what business you’re in, the tools you use are essential. If you want to grow and increase productivity, then it’s important to invest in the right equipment for the job. Whilst on the topic of increasing productivity - our Connectors for Adobe InDesign and Photoshop just got even better! Here are our reasons as to why you should integrate InDesign and Photoshop with your DAM Solution.
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Our Top 3 Tips on Cleaning Out Your DAM Solution

Digital Asset Management, Tips, Marketing, DAM, Support november 4, 2021

Have you been actively using your DAM Solution and are starting to realize that your storage is getting too full? Or are you a company with too much content that’s trying to see if QBank can help you keep control and maybe clear out non-relevant assets? Then keep reading!

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