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A DAM solution enables a range of possible business effects throughout an organization. What used to be a system mostly for Marketing and Communication Teams is now a tool that supports multiple departments with cross-functional workflows and integrations.

A majority of our customer started their DAM journeys in the Marketing or Communications Teams, and for a good reason since they usually manage large files like images, videos and design documents. But today, the amount of data has skyrocketed, and the needs have moved outside the Marketing and Communications teams. Managing data has become business critical and hence there are a number of business effects within reach with a DAM, even beyond Marketing and Communications. 


Shorter time-to-market affects several stakeholders. Not only sales and marketing, but also the not so given stakeholders; finance, resellers and logistics.  


You would think that branding is only related to marketing and communications but think again. Branding is related to the entire organization and is extremely important for the internal organization culture. Living the brand – is more important than ever.


With the rising use of data comes higher demands on security and regulations. The type of data may differ in departments, but the requirements are similar.

For a design team your new design sketches can be restricted with confidentiality due to sensitive information and that needs to be handled with advanced rights management - managed by DAM. For your HR Team it can be GDPR consent agreements related to portray employee images - managed by a DAM.

DAM Day 2019

Regardless the type of data, the need for a smart management is essential. On our event DAM Day, we will focus on what business effects a DAM can bring, like brand consistency, improved productivity and social media success. Our CTO and founder Hootan Soheilzad will inspire with best-practise and tips to reach business effects and value.

QBank DAM Hootan

 Join us on DAM Day in Stockholm on October 3rd 2019.


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