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Doing mind numbing and repetitive work can be a great way to relieve stress. Add some Mozart, and you’ll be surprised how switching the brain into idle standby mode while relying mostly on muscle memory will help you clear your mind. Organizing your desktop, sorting your vast collection of funny cat videos; or like my colleague Pontus, solve a Rubik’s Cube.

But try introducing a deadline into that equation, and you have a whole different kind of beast. Which brings me into today’s blog topic.

As a Web Editor, I’m sure most of you will recognize the following scenario, but perhaps not as being the best way to release mental tension:

Upcoming product launch, re-branding, or just the daily ongoing routine; you need to upload images and videos to your web site.

  1. For the slightly lucky ones, you have some kind of database in place, where you can search for and find your digital assets. You spend time searching, and in the end, you find that particular image asset. All good, except it’s a 350 MB TIFF file. In CMYK. For print. And it needs re-cropping to fit into the website template. (For the unlucky ones, you have a bunch of different emails, each containing a link to Dropbox, Wetransfer or other variants thereof.)
  2. Neither do you enjoy watching the progress bar as your files are downloading, or watching the clock as the deadline gets closer.
  3. You fire up Photoshop, you crop the image, you convert it to RGB, you resize it, you add an unsharp mask, you hit save. Phew. Almost there!
  4. Having located the new version on your computer, login to the CMS and upload the file to its media library.
  5. Now all you have to do is finding that image again, and adding it to the relevant sections. Mission accomplished, almost. One down – 10 to go!

The idea, that the process above could be vastly improved, both in terms of improved speed and quality, was the driving force behind us developing the QBank Connector for Episerver. By using the QBank Connector, a web editor can with a fraction of spent time and effort, without even leaving the Episerver CMS environment, access and use, approved material!

With our Episerver Connector you can save both time and money, but mostly, you will gain control of what is being published on your website. We are excited to announce that our Episerver Connector has been certified for Episerver 10.

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