Customer Relations in a World of Digitalization

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Our society and the businesses that we operate are rapidly changing through digitalization, that’s an undisputable fact. Social media, technical shifts and new customer behaviours are types of new realities that we all face; some better than others.

Alexander Bard, the Swedish author and cyber philosopher, recently gave a speech at Webbdagarna in Stockholm, addressing how digitalization enables former passive consumers to evolve into active participants. These active participants neither want nor accept to passively consume whatever they are being fed, instead they want to be engaged and be part of the product that we supply. This change has been enabled by digitalization and the new interactive media communication. Exciting times indeed, welcome to the fourth industrial revolution! But, where does the customer end up?

Can you see the man for the digitalization?

To provide a good user experience throughout the entire customer journey – from research to evaluation of a possible purchase, through delivery, usage and support, has become highly important. It will help the organization to build strong relationships and also encourages the customers´ to ­­talk about your product in a positive way.

”You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.” – Steve Jobs

As digitalization progress so does customers expectation on personal and relevant communication throughout your digital channels. Communication with the individual customer in focus therefore becomes extra important as it is a key success factor in driving long term stable growth. We must try to personalize our communication, the content has to be relevant for each individual, and also, always promote the content. Get your customers’ feedback and always include them when you are developing your product.

So, don´t hide behind your computer, sometimes you have to show the customers there is a real person behind it. This can be done through face-to-face communication, Internet support, live-chats or just through a simple phone call. Digitalization does not limit our ability to build strong long term relationships with our customers, instead it creates new possibilities to reach the customers and stay in touch through the fourth industrial revolution.


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