DAM DAY 2016 in Göteborg*

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On May 19, we had the pleasure of hosting our second DAM DAY, this time at IHM Göteborg*, in cooperation with Dicom. We would like to extend a warm thank you to all participants; our great speakers and especially to all of you who came and spent a few hours of your valuable time learning about how DAM can make you work smarter, not harder. We had a great lineup of speakers ranging from different industries and areas.

All speakers addressed the importance of usability and why you should always keep your co-workers in mind when implementing a Digital Asset Management. In a forth industrial revolution, as Mogul referred to, we have to focus on both digital and analogue co-workers and create the best possible foundation for them to work well together.


CEVT - Communication Management

CEVT, the engineering and development company centre for future Geely cars was founded in 2013. Located in the heart of the automotive cluster of Sweden, it is now on the top ten list of the city’s largest private employers with over 1900 employees.

Stefan Lundin from CEVT (China Europe Vehicle Technology) took us on quite a journey. As an entirely new company within the Chinese Geely group, building the CEVT communications department from scratch posed an interesting challenge, while also providing great opportunities. By implementing QBank DAM, CEVT solved the need for a platform that allowed digital assets to be securely shared both within the company, and with external parties. Or as Stefan puts it, when Chinese state television (with a few hundred million viewers) declares they're visiting in three days – you’d better have some material to send them in advance.

Stena Group - DAM in a large company group

Representing Stena, the international group of companies with activities spread over a number of areas (of which ferry routes and shipping make up the largest parts), Victoria Edström shared her team’s useful insights on how to properly implement a DAM solution. Much like in the previous case, Stena started more or less from scratch implementing the system - with one notable exception; they had enormous amounts of existing assets dating back to when Stena was founded in 1939. These assets were however scattered across the entire organization, and delivered to the communication department in physical boxes containing CDs, USB sticks and photographs (yay!). Drowning in assets was one way to put it... After a time consuming though necessary phase of sorting and selecting which assets to save, they finally had it all uploaded in their DAM. One important aspect not to be overlooked is the role a DAM system can play in preserving a company's historical assets, that would otherwise risk getting lost.

Mogul - the human aspects of digital transformation

Joakim Dahlgren and Niklas Hagen from Mogul, one of our partners, were invited to speak at DAM DAY, and had a very interesting dissemination of what digital transformation means, in particular in regard to how it affects us humans. Since the times we lived in caves, we have transformed and revolutionized our civilization numerous times, and the speed of change is definitely not decreasing. In opposite - our society is changing at such a fast pace that we simply cannot adapt in the same speed. There are already two distinct groups of people - those who were born surrounded by tablets and cellphones, and the rest of us who were not born in the 90's. To build a better society, workplaces need to adapt to how people are living their lives outside of work, and a large burden lies in corporate management.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine - live the brand

Finally, we had the opportunity to listen to Henrik Ohlstenius from Electrolux Grand Cuisine, talking about the absolute importance of branding, and how DAM can be used as a tool to control and enforce the branding process. Grand Cuisine is Electrolux luxury line of household appliances. A setup for your kitchen will cost you approximately 1 million SEK, dishwasher and refrigerator excluded. Maybe not for all of us, though very interesting in a branding point of view.

One important takeaway was the often overlooked fact that branding needs to be directed both in- and outwards. Your employees need to live the brand, and an environment where the brand shines through fosters creativity. Take the opportunity to watch a selection of Henrik's speech.


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* Most people (especially those of us being from there) agree that Göteborg is Sweden's most welcoming city. The debate whether it's situated on the front or back of Sweden is widely being discussed - I guess the jury is still out on that subject. Heja IFK!

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