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Every time we come across a system that does some magic stuff we always examine the possibility of integration. Not just because we can, but because in most cases, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. is a great example of just that - a one stop solution for managing all the aspects of social media relations and used by some of the best brands in the world. It listens, it interacts, it helps planning and execution of campaigns in the social media space. And now, it also talks directly to QBank DAM.

An image, video (or any other kind of digital asset for that matter) stored in QBank DAM can end up being used throughout many different channels. Because the API of QBank DAM requires externally connected systems to report back usage and tracking as part of the process, a brand manager or image editor can at any moment see not only that an asset is in use, but also how and where.

In addition, provides you with all the detailed metrics on what makes your fans tick, and the tools to help you achieve it.

So, a shout out to our friends at! As we all know, human beings are social creatures. Turns out, so is also QBank DAM.


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