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On Sunday afternoon the whole dev team met up in Stockholm for the yearly coding getaway. The concept is quite simple: locate a place in the middle of nowhere (but where you still get a 4G signal), pack the cars with a bunch of happy developers and drive off into the wilderness. This year we found a cute cabin in the Roslagen area where we set up camp. Once the fridge had been filled to capacity we started coding.

QBank DAM has connectors to social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Flickr - and for this coding exercise we decided to focus not on how to publish assets, but on retrieving usage statistics back to QBank. Because QBank DAM acts as the natural hub for assets, this makes perfect sense (just as we already do presenting stats from frontends, moodboards and other publishing channels).

Much of the first day was spent on discussing exactly how these changes should be implemented by taking advantage of the existing constructs. What emerged was, by account of all involved, a pretty great and flexible solution. The plan was to extend the existing statistics system in QBank and make it possible to integrate it with external statistics sources. Not just social media, but any source of timestamp, event tuples!

Alongside this development incremental improvements to existing solutions were made. Specifically, the support for Facebook Pages has been lacking in the social media integration in QBank. This was remedied and the whole code connecting QBank to Facebook got a review as well. Expect less bugs and more features in this feature.

One afternoon we had the opportunity to try out folk race, which is a Nordic form of rallycross.

All work and no play, makes the devs null… eh.. dull! One afternoon we had the opportunity to try out folk race, which is a form of Nordic rallycross. Inexpensive cars are driven around a dirt and tarmac track, but unlike demolition derby, ramming or hitting other cars is forbidden. There were lots of screaming tires and smiling faces - we had a really great time and when having finished all the laps, everyone wanted more.


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