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To provide QBank customers with the best possible solutions, it is crucial that we are kept up-to-date and well educated within our niche - Digital Asset Management (DAM). Therefore, two of our developers went to Akamai University to participate in the course Web Performance Solution.

Akamai is the essential content delivery network (CDN) and cache provider. There are other providers as well but Akamai is the most well known and one of the oldest in the game; tracing the start of the company back to the late 90s when the Internet and webpages became commonplace. Today Akamai delivers daily web traffic reaching more than 30 terabits per second.

QBank and Akamai

Akamai is no stranger to QBank, we have worked with them on behalf of some of our customers to provide better availability on a global scale to their end. Now, we are even more well equipped to boost the performance of QBank for any of our customers needing global presence and performance via Akamai. Of course QBank performs well out of the box, but sometimes you need global connectivity and heavy traffic loads around the globe - that’s where Akamai comes in.

As providers of a smart DAM, QBank, in the form of a back-end platform, we have our fair amount of servers delivering our service to our users. Akamai however have a lot more servers, a whole lot more - around 300 000 servers distributed around the globe in strategic places. This means that they can deliver the content that is managed in QBank and requested by the users to their browsers faster. They achieve this by continuously monitoring the Internet for the fastest routes and distributing the content closer to the end users. Of course they have a lot more tricks up their sleeve, but that’s to much to cover in a blog post.

We passed

At the end of the course there was an exam where we had to use what we’ve learned. I’m proud to say that QBank passed with flying colors. Are you interested in knowing more, please contact us.


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