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DAM, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, User Experience, Trends juni 3, 2016

A fundamental driving force behind digitalization is to make life easier for people. We want to navigate information more efficiently, stay in contact with our friends and colleagues at all times and spread our ideas across the world. That’s great, but what if it’s not that simple? What if it actually makes life harder instead of easier?

Sometimes our technology creates stress and annoyance and surely that was not the developer’s intention. That’s why we have to focus on making technology a pleasant experience to increase the customer experience. The one key success factor for this is usability.

Every now and then my mom calls me to assist her as tech support. - How do I attach a photo? What’s my pin again and why are the channels scrambled on my TV? Those are just some typical questions. Sure, she is from another generation, but her age and prior experience should not whitewash her right to a proper user experience. The same thing goes for employees and customers. Generally, the understanding and ease of use of technology is often quite varying and as drivers of digitalization we must never forget that. Digitalization has to work for everybody not just the ones who learn and adapt easily. Especially in larger organizations, there is often a variance in how well employees will adapt to digitalization.

The digital transformation agency Mogul, recently gave a speech at DAM DAY, about the human perspective of the digitalization, where individuals can be categorized as either analogue or digital. To exaggerate, the analogue co-worker uses the printer for printouts while the digital uses it to create PDF´s to read on a screen. Just as your co-workers are analogue and digital, so are your customers.

Mogul also stated that user experience (UX) equals customer experience (CX) and “Better UX = Better CX = Success”. For example, if you use Netflix you are both a customer and a user, therefor your user experience will reflect on your customer experience. If the organization can create a better user experience with a higher level of usability, the customer experience automatically will become improved.

Customer experience are based on an approach with the customer in focus, where the organization have to take all aspects and contact surfaces into account in the customer relationship. It´s all about designing the customer experience to interact with your brand. The customer´s expectations on the other hand, are getting even higher and they require constant availability and efficiency. This results in high demands on an organization´s digital infrastructure.

When implementing a basic and cohesive system as a DAM system, it is important to prioritize usability and to start on a small scale at a basic level. In a first step, you don´t have to use the most advanced features that your DAM system has to offer. It can always grow when the organization is ready. The importance of usability can´t be said enough. That's what makes the digital employees think that the system is great and what makes the analogue employees see the benefits of learning a new system.

Keeping it simple has to be a core objective when developing a new product. The product doesn't necessary have to be simple itself, but has to contain a high level of usability.

Topics: DAM, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, User Experience, Trends

Lina Bäcke

Written by Lina Bäcke

Lina is our Customer Relations Manager, and has been working at QBank since March 2016. Her blog posts reflect on issues and problems in many Marketing and Communications Teams.



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