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I recently had a conversation with a QBank user who stated the importance of setting and follow up their DAM goals. I was thrilled to learn how they worked for optimizing their QBank. Inspired of that conversation; here are some tips on how to grow with your DAM solution.

Start right

We always encourage you to carefully consider your goals and visions when implementing your QBank. It is easy to be too eager to get started, you just want to run the import of assets, and start working. We understand, a DAM will work wonders for handling your assets, but in the long run there are some things to consider reaching ROI.

5 tips to get started with Digital Asset Management 

If you do implement your DAM by the book, (according to us) and set your goals, metadata scheme, and workflows, then the next step is the follow-up.

How did you do?

  1. Follow up your goals. Take a look at your goals, did you reach them or not? Analyze your data in the statistic tool.
  2. Metadata set up. Is your metadata set up accurate? Maybe you are missing something or need to adjust the setup.
  3. Follow up the workflows. Are your workflows efficient or is some adjustments necessary?
  4. Define new goals and workflows. Start fresh with new goals to aim for.

Integrated Martech stack

After you've done your follow up and set your new goals, maybe it's time to think ahead. A great way to optimize your DAM is to integrate it with your Martech stack. It will save you a lot of time and you will stay in control of what is published in your different channels. Watch the video to learn more.

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