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QBank, DAM, video, video template, New Features januari 30, 2018

Video keeps growing and is estimated to continue that same path several years ahead. This increase of usage of video is actually something we see daily, both for existing client but also when talking to new clients.

When writing this blog post I had to take a look at our statistics for video storage. I knew that it was trending but didn't have the actual numbers. Turns out, we can see an increase of videos by 53% since March 2017.

Therefore, I am excited to tell you about our new video templates. This feature was developed in collaboration with a client who needed extended video features. And now the templates are available for QBank clients as add-on’s.

Video Template - Outro

This template is a great time saver for those who push out a lot of videos to different platforms and enables adding chosen endings to each video with only a click.


It’s pretty simple, you chose the video to which you want to add an outro (a pre-edited ending) and add preferred ending. For example, an outro with information about a specific producer, photographer or event. In case you need to make changes to an outro that’s already been added to videos, that is easily done by uploading a new version.

If you are managing a large number of videos that are to be published on multiple markets, different copyrights, or languages. By keeping the outro separate you can use your video content in various channels.

Video Template - Logotype

Similar to the outro template you can also add a logotype to a video.


Size and disposition is added in the template settings, and the logotype has to be a media uploaded in your QBank. You can choose if you wish to the logotype, by media id or by a list of predetermined logotypes. By adding a list of logotypes, you control that correct media is used in your videos. It is also a safe way to add logotypes, without using an overlay but like a watermark. 

Maybe the best of all, if a new version of the logotype is added, it will be replaced in your logotype template as well. 

Control video bitrate size

With the new video templates, we now offer an enhanced feature for controlling you’re the size of your video. You can control how much bandwidth is used when you´ve added a template to your video. To ensure that the video size fit your consumer’s needs (bandwidth, screen size etc.), you can make different templates.

Advanced streaming settings

We also added features for determining advanced settings in the actual streaming. This was highly appreciated by those of our clients who needed to better match the Akamai video streaming solution, but this goes for all platforms with specific demands. This can be older cell phones, other streaming solutions, or custom-built devices.


Are you interested in meeting the future with more efficient video management, book a demo and we will show you what it looks like live?


Topics: QBank, DAM, video, video template, New Features

Sofie Samrell

Written by Sofie Samrell

QBank's Marketing Manager since early 2016. Sofie has a passion for marketing, communications, and of course, DAM.



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