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QBank, DAM, InDesign, Falcon.io, Moodboards, Mobile APP november 30, 2017

In this post, I will turn the attention towards QBank's Marketing Team, and give you my favorite QBank features. Enjoy!

When I started working at QBank I had never worked in a DAM solution before. It turned out to blow me away and made my job so much more amazing. As a Communications professional, I have been working with digital assets all of my career. And I have been struggling with the same issues as many of my fellow communicators. We are facing higher demands when it comes to delivery of content, we have to produce more than ever, we share it in multiple channels, it has become expensive, and we have less time for it.

Here are a few of my favorite features in QBank, and let you in on how we use them in-house.


QBank Mobile App – This is the number one feature for me when out of the office, or whenever I don’t have my laptop close. When we have our own events, I can easily upload my images straight to QBank for multiple-channel publishing. Not only do I use it for uploads, but for searching and filter for existing assets, that I can share with external or internal stakeholders (more below).

QBank Moodboards – This is what I use to share my assets with external or internal stakeholders. For example, after our events we use to send out the presentations to attendees. We simply upload the presentations to QBank and add them to a Moodboard – a temporary website. The website is set up with password, expiration date and a link is emailed to the recipients from QBank. I also use the Moodboard for sharing marketing material with partners, or use it to send videos or large images.

Falcon.io Connector – This is what helps us to keep order in our social media publishing. Falcon.io is a social media platform where you can share, plan and measure your work with your social media communications. We can plan campaigns ahead and see it all in the Falcon calendar. We can also share notifications and publications among ourselves at QBank. A time saver! In QBank we simple drag-and-drop or assets to the Falcon.io publishing channel and it appears in Falcon.io. To make it even more efficient we added templates, so images appear in correct size when exported to Falcon.io.

InDesign Connector – We do some work in InDesign and what’s than a integration that let you out of the hassle with uploading images, and linking them, and re-link them whenever someone has moved that file. With this connector, I can open my files stored in QBank from within the InDesign interface. When I need to embed an image, I simply click the QBank logo and choose the image I need.


If you use your DAM like the hub it’s designed to be, you will shorten your time-to-market, maximize your costumer experience and make your Marketing or Communications Team the happiest ever.

Are you interested in learning how other QBank users have set up their solution?

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Topics: QBank, DAM, InDesign, Falcon.io, Moodboards, Mobile APP

Sofie Samrell

Written by Sofie Samrell

QBank's Marketing Manager since early 2016. Sofie has a passion for marketing, communications, and of course, DAM.



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