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Too much content ? What you need is a DAM!

Digital Asset Management, Content Marketing, Marketing, DAM, Image Templates oktober 14, 2021

When it comes to marketing, then the content is arguably what's most important. The marketing and communications teams are constantly producing content for social media and other media channels, daily. However, this means that the amount of content produced easily gets out of hand.

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PIM vs DAM - Why one does not replace the other

Digital Asset Management, PIM, DAM oktober 7, 2021

An older debate we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post is whether organizations should acquire a PIM or a DAM. Many argue that only one is needed as they are essentially the same thing. However, this just shows that there are still many people who don’t understand the differences between a PIM and a DAM solution. This post will explore the differences between the two solutions and show you that one does not replace the other.

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Campaign Management Made Easier with a DAM

Digital Asset Management, DAM, Campaign Management augusti 11, 2021

Fall equals busy times when it comes to campaigns, how many and how large is related to business and market, but it is safe to say that many of you have a seasonal campaign to plan in the near future.

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3 business effects from integrating a dam with a pim

Digital Asset Management, QBank, PIM, DAM, brand consistency juni 29, 2021

E-commerce companies today wishes to handle product information efficiently and being able to update product with the correct product information in different channels, to keep brand consistency. A PIM solution enables you to stay in control of all areas of the e-commerce strategy and go-to-market, adding a DAM solution can help you create efficient workflows for shortening your time-to market. Here’s three reasons why integrating your DAM to a PIM is going to have a positive effect on your business.

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DAM and Brand Consistency

Digital Asset Management, QBank, brand consistency juni 28, 2021

The work of any brand manager has become more complex the past years due to the increase of channels and content. A crucial ingredient of keeping a high rate of consumer engagement with the demands increasing on omnichannel, is publishing consistent content in different types of channels. With QBank you can publish assets to a wide selection of channels. Thanks to our open API it’s possible to integrate QBank with your current communication tools.

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Ready for a DAM journey?

Digital Asset Management, Tips, QBank maj 6, 2021


Getting started with DAM? Congratulations, you are moving closer to so many business effects! Your initial DAM project may last for a short period of time, but your DAM journey has just started.

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Naming Conventions for Digital Assets

Digital Asset Management, Tips, QBank april 23, 2021


Naming your assets wisely is an important cornerstone in running an optimized DAM solution. In this blog post we will give you a few valuable tips.

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Improved Findability with Reverse Image Search and External Usage

Digital Asset Management, QBank, AI, Search mars 25, 2021


Reuse of content and analyzing where assets are published are two key components in reaching ROI on a DAM investment as well as performing efficient marketing efforts. Learn how our add-on features Reverse Image Search and External Usage can be a great support.

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Can you Afford not Taking Care of your Data?

Digital Asset Management, QBank februari 23, 2021


Multiple system managing the same digital assets, but without any interaction. A common set-up in many organizations. Not sharing data in-between systems is a great example of not taking care of your data.

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5 tips to get in Control of your Digital Assets

Digital Asset Management, Tips, QBank februari 5, 2021


New year with new possibilities! Here are a few valuable tips to start your year in a great and efficient way.

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