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Turns out that people really like print. Gutenbergs old invention dating back to 1436 is still going strong. Who would have guessed this in an almost all digital world where everyone stares into a smartphone or tablet?

Never have we had so many new short run specialty publications, a thing made possible by advances in print technology. Globally, the print market in China is projected to outgrow the US market by 2017, and even neuroscience studies prove that print embeds a bigger footprint in our brains, compared to digital. When people are shopping for a brand new car, they expect a product brochure that matches the rest of the brand experience (and sits nice on the coffee table). A glass screen simply cannot match the tactile feeling of a premium print.

Not only has the web changed the landscape of print, but revolutions within print technology has also helped change the landscape - digital and variable print allows for catalogues and direct mail (not email. mail.) to be highly targeted and customized for a specific target group.

We listened a lot to our customers before we started to update our Connector. With the new QBank Connector for Adobe InDesign, QBank allows a graphic designer for print to tap directly into the QBank DAM in the same way as a web editor using any large CMS system would do. Assets that are approved for print usage are only a drag and drop away, and can be placed directly into an InDesign document. Need to send the file for approval? Just hit save - the file is automatically uploaded and stored as a new version in QBank and the low resolution PDF can easily be shared using a Moodboard.

QBank DAM definately makes it easier to find and use images. It also keeps track of what is being used, and where, across both digital and print channels. Using the connector for Adobe InDesign, you can at any time see in which catalogs or product sheets a certain image is being used in, and push a notification for an update.

Sounds interesting? - Contact us for a demo before the planned product launch in april. 


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