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When adding tags to your digital assets in your DAM system you enable a lot of possibilities. Now, we’ve made it even better with some new tag features.

When you have taken the steps of adding a DAM solution to your selection of marketing technologies, you have to care for it. When you implement your new QBank, you probably, and hopefully have done a thorough map of what tags to use on which assets.

As important as it is to do an accurate set up, it is to do great follow ups. Here’s where our tag features will come in handy!

Load tags

In the administration view you can load a list of all of your tags. Go to the properties view and click keyword, then chose the tab tags. 


Here is a list of the tags you are using. You can search for specifics tags and see how many assets has been tagged with each and every keyword.

Load tags


The list gives you a great overview of your current tags and in what extent they are being used. The overview itself is great but the possibilities that comes with it is even better.

Join tags

You will probably find tags that are in some way connected, same tag but different spelling, or same subject etc. Tags that you wish to join into one. A great feature if you have images portraying people, and their names are difficult to spell. Replace tags

To replace a tag with another you enter the accurate keyword in the right-hand text field and click replace. QBank will need you to confirm the replacement, then you’re done.

Confirm tag

Delete tags

When cleaning you sometimes need to delete stuff, and that include tags. Simply delete inaccurate keyword or old keywords.


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