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Text files are digital assets too

Integration, QBank, DAM, Microsoft, Text, Word september 1, 2017

Texts are essential in our everyday lives, professionally and personally. Everyday we write. We write e-mails, blogs, presentations, reports, marketing material, posts for social media, or just simple text messages. All these texts we write – where do we store it? Digital assets, such as images and videos, usually have a special place to be stored in, preferably in a DAM system, but what about your texts?

How much time do we consume on writing and how much time do we consume on writing the same text, over and over again? More important, how much time could we save if we instead reused a text, and also were able to find it easily? A lot!

The trend we see today is mostly focused on images. The importance of using images together with texts to reach more people and to get more likes and shares on social media, gets more and more vital. For example, in an analysis of over 1 million articles, BuzzSumo found that articles with an image once every 75-100 words, received double the social media shares as articles with fewer images.

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However, the texts – with or without a picture - are just as important assets for our content, and should therefore be stored and organized in the same way as images and videos.

The power of templates

Templates are a good example of smart handling of text files. In a template, you already the details, which can be adapted easily, either by hand or through an automated iterative process. With templates you skip the initial setup and configuration, necessary to create standardized documents. It can be a time-saving standardization for ensuring a specific user or work group has access to documents that are unique to the user's role in the organization. Using templates, you can save time and reuse texts, and easily find the correct one, a DAM-system will help you.

QBank Connector for Microsoft Office

With QBank Connector for Microsoft Office it's easier to insert images from QBank into your Word files or PowerPoint presentations. With the integration, you can search and filter for images directly inside the Word or PowerPoint interface. The integration will help you to stay in control of which assets should be available for Word or ProwerPoint. This way, you can secure that you are using correct and approve assets. Get to know our connector and request a demo - and take a step to giving your text files the attention they deserve.

QBank Connector for PowerPoint



Topics: Integration, QBank, DAM, Microsoft, Text, Word

Lina Bäcke

Written by Lina Bäcke

Lina is our Customer Relations Manager, and has been working at QBank since March 2016. Her blog posts reflect on issues and problems in many Marketing and Communications Teams.



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