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The QBank guide to support

Digital Asset Management, QBank, Support mars 13, 2015

We strive to provide a great experience when interacting with us. Be it our product or contacting us. That includes providing excellent support.

The support system

We use Zendesk to organize our support. This lets us collect all cases from all channels in one unified interface. It also means that we wont miss anything from some of the lesser-used channels. All of our employees have access to the system and can help out. The most used channel is the humble email, which is a great channel since it is available for almost everyone on all devices. We also provide support via our Facebook and Twitter accounts if those are preferable to you. Last but not least, it is possible to ask for support from within QBank itself.

Other than the traditional system where you contact us we also provide a self-service system where you may find the answer you are looking for by yourself. We usually refer to this as the Knowledge Base but the truth is that the knowledge base is just one part of it. It also contains a Getting started-category as well as a FAQ. The knowledge base itself contains articles that are more in-depth on certain parts of QBank. It is a great resource whether you are looking for the solution to a specific issue or just generally want to educate yourself about QBank.

Integration with QBank

Within QBank there is a small tab to the right that looks slightly out of place. If you click on it a dialog pops up where you can ask for support. We are currently planning to refine this into one of the standard tabs in QBank and remove some of the fields that are unnecessary (your name and email address are known since you are logged in). We also plan to enable you to access the entire knowledge base from that tab in order to always provide the help you want where you need it.

How a support case is handled

When a new case enters our inbox it is triaged to determine who is the most qualified to handle it. As we want to find the best solution for every case we want the expert to handle it. If that means that the project manager or a developer from the team has the most knowledge, they get to respond to it. Sometimes it may be a collaborative effort from several of our employees. Usually the assigned employee responds to the case and is able to solve it, if not by the first reply, but sometimes it may be trickier. In some cases we might need to involve a third party if they were the ones providing the original system or part of it. In either case, we are happy to help you through until the issue is resolved.

How to write the perfect support case

For us to provide the best help we usually need to know some basic things about your issue.

  • It really helps to be specific; provide names and ids for everything involved and include the exact error messages if any.
  • Provide step-by-step instructions for what you did which triggered the error. Explain what you expected and which result you got instead.
  • Limit each request to one specific issue. Sometimes other issues are created by the first and will be resolved when the first is.
  • Include screenshots where you illustrate the problem if applicable.

This might seem like a lot of work, but the more information you provide in your support request, the better help we will be able to provide you. It minimizes the chances of being misunderstood and maximizes the chance that your issue will be solved by the first reply.

Topics: Digital Asset Management, QBank, Support

Björn Hjortsten

Written by Björn Hjortsten



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