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Those DAM buzzwords

Tips, QBank, DAM, Workshop, Buzzwords juni 9, 2017

We are constantly fed with marketing related buzzwords, and it can be hard to keep up. So, what’s better than a description of a selection of buzzword we use sometimes.

API - Application programming interface. This enables QBank to easily be integrated with other tools, such as CMS, PIM, graphical tools as InDesign, Photoshop.

Metadata – Provides information about other data. When working with a DAM system, you use metadata to describe our assets. This way you can search for assets effectively. 

Connector – An integration between QBank and other tools and platforms. To name a few; Episerver, Sitecore, WordPress, InDesign, Facebook, YouTube, PowerPoint, and Falcon io. Learn more here.

DAM – Digital Asset Management. A system for managing, storing and publishing digital assets.

Martech – Digital Marketing and Technology tools and platforms. Such as CMS, Social Media platforms, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM).

Martech Stack – A group of Digital Marketing and Technology tools and platforms that is used by a marketing team for marketing activities.

Multi-channel - Communicating with your target audience on different platforms. E.g. website, print ad, promo events.

Omni-channel – Multi-channel efforts that provides a customer with an integrated shopping experience. The customer gains the same experience regardless if they shop on a desktop, mobile device, phone, or in a physical store.


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Topics: Tips, QBank, DAM, Workshop, Buzzwords

Sofie Samrell

Written by Sofie Samrell

QBank's Marketing Manager since early 2016. Sofie has a passion for marketing, communications, and of course, DAM.



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