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It is such a cliché - but usually it is true. If you could find an efficient short-cut that helps you save time, effort and energy in your everyday-work, why wouldn’t you take advantages from it?

The most common sentences we hear from new customers are;” It takes too much time to find the right image”, and “we lack a structure to keep track of where assets have been published and by whom”.

The biggest problem seems to be to search and find that specific image. Maybe, you recognize conversations like; “Where is the picture with the red door?”, “I don´t know where that document is, ask Sarah instead” and so on. If you do recognize this, it might be time for a change. These scenarios are common in most organizations we meet. They simply lack a proper and organized system for keeping and handling digital assets.

Where should I keep it?

Most of the time a lot of people have access to the assets. They create new versions, store them in different places, maybe even on their own personal computer. In this case you will have a problem if an employee decides to leave. With a Digital Asset Management solution, you keep it in one central place for storage, which your co-workers can access. Then you don´t have to spend time searching for asset and ask your co-workers for the image you are looking for. Your job will be more efficient and quicker.

How do I find the right asset?

The keyword is…keywords! To enable quick and easy access to your DAM assets it’s important to tag everything. With proper keywords and properties, you will be able to find that specific image within seconds.

Only keep the relevant files!

It is easy to fill your computer with files that are no longer relevant. Using QBank DAM you can ensure that only the correct assets will be uploaded and distributed. You will get a notification when the expiration-date of your files are getting closer. Then you can easily delete the file in right time, to keep the system clean. The system will also warn you if you have duplicates of a specific file. Duplicates is something you do not want in your system… 

There is Time to save!

QBank will help you to perform better, faster, and more streamlined. By automating and cutting down on traditional publishing steps, you can work with your files directly within the connected tool and save time. 

One of our clients is NORMA Group, a global industrial company, they calculated that their Marketing Team saves three hours (!) a day, using QBank DAM. That´s a lot of time we happily spend on other things then searching for files!




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