Turn your digital assets into content

Ready for a DAM journey?

Digital Asset Management, Tips, QBank maj 6, 2021


Getting started with DAM? Congratulations, you are moving closer to so many business effects! Your initial DAM project may last for a short period of time, but your DAM journey has just started.

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Naming Conventions for Digital Assets

Digital Asset Management, Tips, QBank april 23, 2021


Naming your assets wisely is an important cornerstone in running an optimized DAM solution. In this blog post we will give you a few valuable tips.

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Improved Findability with Reverse Image Search and External Usage

Digital Asset Management, QBank, AI, Search mars 25, 2021


Reuse of content and analyzing where assets are published are two key components in reaching ROI on a DAM investment as well as performing efficient marketing efforts. Learn how our add-on features Reverse Image Search and External Usage can be a great support.

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Can you Afford not Taking Care of your Data?

Digital Asset Management, QBank februari 23, 2021


Multiple system managing the same digital assets, but without any interaction. A common set-up in many organizations. Not sharing data in-between systems is a great example of not taking care of your data.

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5 tips to get in Control of your Digital Assets

Digital Asset Management, Tips, QBank februari 5, 2021


New year with new possibilities! Here are a few valuable tips to start your year in a great and efficient way.

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Manage videos efficiently with a DAM

Digital Asset Management, QBank, video januari 20, 2021


Since a few years back the usage of video is increasing and it doesn’t appear to stop any time soon. Learn how a DAM tool like QBank can help you work more efficiently with managing your videos.

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The Roadmap 2021

Digital Asset Management, QBank, Roadmap januari 12, 2021


Curious to what QBank will bring to 2021? Here is a summary of upcoming features, modules, integrations and infrastructure coming up during next year. Enjoy!

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Distribute digital assets efficiently with Moodboards

Digital Asset Management, QBank, Moodboards december 15, 2020


Distribution of digital assets is not limited to publishing a final version in an external communications channel. It is also daily interactions in-between team members or with your design agency during the production process. Learn how a QBank Moodboard can help you to work more efficiently.

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We Launch a Workflow for Creative Content Production

Digital Asset Management, QBank, Moodboards, New Features, Campaign Management november 20, 2020


Content creation with multiple stakeholders can be complex. A lot of emails back and forth with multiple versions of files and numerous of comments to keep track of. Let us introduce you to a more efficient way - the QBank Creation Workflow.

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We introduce the Pdf Generator

Digital Asset Management, QBank oktober 20, 2020


The Pdf file - a format for sharing information that's been around (almost) forever. A great solution for documents that you wish to share without risking anyone editing or to simply reduce file sizes. Generating a Pdf from images and metadata in QBank can be a fast way to create new content.

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