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What happened at DAM Day?

Digital Asset Management, Event, DAM Day, QBank, DAM oktober 14, 2016

On October 5, it was finally time for DAM Day in Stockholm. We gathered about 100 participants at the World Trade Center for half a day of DAM inspiration.

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DAM Day - Meet the Speakers

Digital Asset Management, Event, DAM Day, Trends, DAM september 16, 2016

In a few weeks QBank invites you to an event dedicated to Digital Asset Management (DAM). Our vision with DAM Day is to inspire you with the possibilities of DAM and how to take care of your digital assets.

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DAM DAY 2016 in Göteborg*

Digital Asset Management, Event, DAM Day, Digital Transformation, Partner maj 26, 2016

On May 19, we had the pleasure of hosting our second DAM DAY, this time at IHM Göteborg*, in cooperation with Dicom. We would like to extend a warm thank you to all participants; our great speakers and especially to all of you who came and spent a few hours of your valuable time learning about how DAM can make you work smarter, not harder. We had a great lineup of speakers ranging from different industries and areas.

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Facebook F8 - QBank on tour

Event, Trends, Social media, DAM, Facebook maj 10, 2016

April 12-13, 2016 Facebook had their 7th almost-annual developer conference F8 at Fort Mason, San Francisco. I was invited to join this two-day event and numerous other meetups, connected to Facebook in some way.

At QBank we’ve had the possibility to upload media directly from our Digital Asset Management (DAM) to Facebook for quite some time now and the integration is getting better and better all the time. But Facebook is so much more than cute pictures of cats and other people's children, food and gym-habits. Mark Zuckerberg started off the first day with a keynote talking about the roadmap for the next 10 years, where video, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and connectivity was the big points.

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Why we need a day for DAM

Digital Asset Management, Event, DAM Day, QBank, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation oktober 14, 2015

Last week was an exciting one for us at QBank. It saw the launch of our new event DAM DAY, a day dedicated to all things Digital Asset Management. We invited our clients and partners to share their experiences of DAM with each other and interested listeners.

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We survived the World’s Most Dangerous Meeting!

Digital Asset Management, Event, QBank, Partner juni 2, 2015

At QBank, we like to live dangerously. So naturally we had to participate in Star Republic’s “The World’s Most Dangerous Meeting” at theme-park Liseberg in Gothenburg last week.

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How to become a better editor

Digital Asset Management, Event, QBank, Episerver februari 2, 2015

Last week we attended a networking event for EPiServer-users where the featured topic was add-ons: how to use them, what kinds that are available as well as some future trends. We were invited to present QBank and our new connector to EPiServer 7.5. There were several more add-on developers presenting their solutions that we had the pleasure of listening to. As a result we received some valuable insights on becoming a better web editor.

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Smart lectures and dumb movies

Event, QBank december 7, 2014

Last Tuesday six of us went to an event called "Competence cinema" or "Kompetensbio" as it is called in Swedish. Some of us went on a previous occasion and found it to be quite good. The concept is lectures mixed with a feature film. Webstep hosted it at one of Svensk Filmindustri’s cinemas. There were two lectures; the first was about micro services and the last was practical tips for using asynchronous methods in C#. Even though none of them benefit QBank directly, it's always good to know about the universe outside of your own sphere.

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