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Why is metadata essential to your dam?

Digital Asset Management, Metadata maj 22, 2020


We go on and on about metadata, and for a good reason - it is essential for a DAM. Simply put, your files are not worth much without metadata. In this blog post we will let you in on the possibilities a good metadata set-up enables.

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A DAM is nothing without metadata

Tips, QBank, Metadata, DAM januari 21, 2019

To run an optimized DAM you need to pay attention to metadata, it is actually essential. At QBank, metadata has kind of a rock 'n roll status, and with this blog post we aim to inspire you to give your metadata some well-deserved attention. 

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Image analysis and facial in QBank

Integration, QBank, Metadata, DAM, New Features, Google Vision, Facial, Image Analysis maj 25, 2018

Time to introduce a new cool feature that will be a great support in your tagging and metadata work, meet QBank's facial feature.

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Say hello to our new tag features

QBank, Metadata, DAM, New Features, Tags mars 21, 2018


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Kick-start your DAM fall

DAM Day, QBank, Metadata, DAM, Optimize DAM september 29, 2017

I recently had a conversation with a QBank user who stated the importance of setting and follow up their DAM goals. I was thrilled to learn how they worked for optimizing their QBank. Inspired of that conversation; here are some tips on how to grow with your DAM solution.

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The Word is the Key

Tips, Metadata, DAM augusti 26, 2016

It’s hard to imagine the streets of Stockholm - now flooded in wonderful summer sunshine - will be filled with something we call “slask” in a few months. While Eskimos are said to have over 300 different words for snow, we only have 150 or so here in Sweden. Which brings me to the topic of this post - keywords.

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Or how to meet the deadline while still having time for lunch.

Digital Asset Management, Tips, QBank, Metadata, DAM april 29, 2016

Sometimes bigger is not better...

Consider the following scenario: You get this super important PowerPoint presentation (you know it must be important because it’s over 150MB in size), and you need to share it with a number of equally important recipients. You fire up your email and attempt to send it as an attachment, just to get the dreaded automatic response back: “Your attachments cannot exceed 25MB”. You open the presentation and notice there are only 15 slides in it, but the low amount of slides is definitely compensated by some really nice images.

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A picture is worth a thousand... metadata properties?

Digital Asset Management, API, Metadata, PIM, DAM februari 5, 2016

A digital asset with no related metadata is often more or less useless, carrying little or no value for an organisation beyond its creation and first use.

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Metadata - the hidden value of your assets

Digital Asset Management, QBank, Metadata juni 11, 2015

We spend enormous amounts of time and money on creating content, but unfortunately the job is only half-done if you don't tag your files properly. Adding metadata to your files is what transforms them into valuable assets! 

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