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The Roadmap 2021

Digital Asset Management, QBank, Roadmap januari 12, 2021


Curious to what QBank will bring to 2021? Here is a summary of upcoming features, modules, integrations and infrastructure coming up during next year. Enjoy!

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QBank Roadmap 2020

Digital Asset Management, DAM Day, DAM, Roadmap, New Features november 13, 2019


On October 3rd we held our annual event DAM Day, in Stockholm. Every year we share the latest news in QBank and our roadmap for upcoming year. This year was no exception and our CTO shared the latest.

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Roadmap 2019

Digital Asset Management, DAM Day, Marketing, DAM, Roadmap, New Features, Image Analysis, AI, Machine Learning september 28, 2018

On DAM Day our CTO Hootan Soheilzad presented new and upcoming QBank features. But first he took us back to when it all started in 2003.

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Where will DAM go in 2015?

Digital Asset Management, QBank, Roadmap februari 24, 2015

Where is DAM (Digital Asset Management) going in 2015? Will it become every marketer’s tool in communication or will tools like Box and Dropbox block the entry? Are those tools efficient enough for the enterprise? I will try to sort out the differences and hopefully give you some advice on important factors for a successful DAM implementation in 2015.

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