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QBank Uploading

Upload, Tips, DAM, Features juli 1, 2016

Simple as it seems, communicating digital assets with each other can be a daily issue. We want Digital Asset Management to be as easy as possible.

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Uploading assets

Upload, QBank, HTML5 oktober 9, 2014

It is hard to upload files over the web! Specifically it is hard to upload many and/or large files. The main problems lies in the limited resources of time and space, but we also have to handle browser differences and make the process easy for the user.

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Transfer agents

Transfer Agent, Upload, Integration, QBank, Plugin oktober 3, 2014

In QBank 3, we've made uploading much faster and many times more intuitive than it's predecessor. But even so, getting all the company assets uploaded may be sometimes be problemetic due to a number of reasons:

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