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On October 5, it was finally time for DAM Day in Stockholm. We gathered about 100 participants at the World Trade Center for half a day of DAM inspiration.



Why we need a day for DAM?

We believe DAM Day is a great way to inspire both existing DAM users and novices. For those who are new to DAM, this will be a crash course in Digital Asset Management, and for our existing customers it’s a great opportunity to talk and listen to other users and learn about their solutions. On top of that, our partners will be represented with all of their expertise, a perfect get together.

For those of you who missed DAM Day in Stockholm - here is a short summary.



First out were QBank’s CEO Carl Petruson. He guided the audience through some impressing stats to show how much impact images and videos can have. He also talked about DAM and ROI (return on investment), that obviously got everybody’s attention. Implementing a DAM takes both time and money, but in three to nine months you usually get your ROI.

Carl Petruson


Procurement of DAM

Next up on stage was Sara Rehnström, an expert in procurement of DAM systems. She guided us, from the moment when you realize you need a better solution for your digital assets, to when you actually buy a DAM-solution. She pointed out the importance of doing a inventory of your needs and gather a appropriate project group.


Sara Rehnström


Sara also talked about how to choose a supplier that will not only be there for you in the beginning of the buying process, but also after the implementation. You want a supplier that values great customer experience, and great relationships. When you have chosen your supplier, use their expertise. They are the experts who should answer your questions.


Machine learning

On DAM Day we usually have one speaker that is not a DAM user but an inspirational speaker. This time we had invited Martin Edenström from the global web agency Making Waves. Martin was talking about Machine Learning, artificial intelligence and bots and connected it to content management, content, assets and publishing.

Martin Edenström


We were guided through a visual presentation including a voice recognition software that summarized Martin's speech...no, that part didn't actually happen but it would have been cool. Instead we got to witness a lot of machine learning related material and I believe we all wondered - will a robot take over my job? Machine Learning is a buzz word and by all means, the Machine Learning market is estimated to be 30 times bigger in 2020, according to Gartner, but do we really have to worry about our jobs? No, not just yet but artificial intelligence and machine learning will influence us, for sure.


DAM in a global organization

How can a DAM improve your global communication in a worldwide industrial company? We got the chance to listen to Vice President of Global Marketing at NORMA Group, Florent Pellissier. NORMA have thousands of product images in their PIM (Product Images Management) and thanks to their integrated DAM, they are able to communicate the images both internally and externally more efficiently.

Florent Pellissier


Florent talked about how to be more efficient in your marketing processes, how to guarantee a high quality of your digital assets, and last but not least how to minimize the maintenance of your assets. Florent highlighted the greatness of Single-source and how NORMA are planning to extend their DAM integrations the upcoming years.


Protect your assets

DAM Day’s last speakers on stage were Sofia Røsand and Malin Billing from Saltkråkan. Saltkråkan manages the legacy of Swedish author and storyteller Astrid Lindgren, founder of characters like Pippi Longstocking and Karlsson on the Roof.

Sofia Røsand and Malin Billing


Malin and Sofia spoke about the importance of protecting your assets, something they are dealing with every day. When working with brands such as Pippi, that has become so familiar that a lot of people see pictures or songs as their own, and are using it however they see fit. They demonstrated how they can work with their different character's brands in different packages. We were shown Pippi's frontend, a webpage where you can download assets connected to her brand. And in the same way we were shown the character Ronja's fronted, which is graphically branded for her. Saltkråkan can now stay in control of who is downloading what.


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Hopefully, this will inspire you to visit a DAM Day in the future. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or our event page for information and invitations to our next DAM Day or other events.

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