Why strong brands rule

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The case for a brand portal

Building and managing a strong brand is one of the more difficult things you can do - ask any brand manager. For a business, the brand represents its personality, its promises and its customers’ expectations, and as a result, a large part of its value. When Geely bought Volvo Cars, it didn’t primarily buy the factories and the production lines, it bought a strong brand, cultivated over decades.

Strong brands all have some common traits; they resonate with their audience, they are distinctive, they are passionate and maybe most important - they are consistent. Today, with all the new technology around us (hello social media!), they also need to reach customers in a multitude of new channels. Interestingly, communicating brand values both internally and externally is equally important. Remember, your employees are always your primary brand evangelists!

Consistency is key

One of the biggest threats to a brand is inconsistency. When consumers hear one thing but get another, they take their business elsewhere. To maintain this consistency, a set of rules are needed. Rules govern everything from the white space around a logotype to the tone of voice for messaging and a plethora of other parameters. Breaking these rules result in weakening your brand.

A brand portal is a cost effective and powerful way to reach and teach your employees and partners about your core brand values, but also to distribute brand approved material. By controlling who gets access to what, you can ensure that the right material is available for the right target audience. While journalists can access the portal to research your brand, agencies and partners get self-service access to brand approved assets while your employees have presentation templates and even e-learning material at their fingertips.

QBank DAM and brand portals - the perfect match

QBank DAM is a great foundation for building a brand portal. Without a proper DAM solution in place, it is tremendously hard to build a brand portal that can be effectively managed. QBank DAM supports and visualizes any digital asset, from images and digital video to marketing documents and presentations. If you would like to learn how QBank can help you building a brand portal, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Branding on DAM DAY

May 19 QBank DAM DAY will take place and speaker Henrik Ohlstenius, Brand Manager at Electrolux Grand Cuisine, will address the above. He will talk about how branding and DAM are connected and how important it is to always keep the user and usability in mind.

If you are not going to DAM DAY you will find a summary on the blog shortly after the event.


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