DAM for Coop Norway


Coop Norway (Coop) is one of Norway’s greatest retailers with over 12 000 stores, 28 000 employees, multiple concept stores, and e-commerce. 

Coop needed a DAM solution in order to stay consistent in their product displays, while being in full control digital assets and how they were published.



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A sustainable solution

What did Coop gain by adding QBank to their company?

By using one centralized hub to store all their digital assets and images, Coop has now gained control over its digital assets. While having complete control of who and when someone is using their system. This, in turn, allows them to stay consistent in all of their branding.

QBank Moodboard Coop Norway

Price Bubbles

Automatically adding price tags to product images

Every week Coop sends out thousands of personalized offers to their members which go out to multiple channels like email, apps, prints, and direct mails. To manage this efficiently Coop added the feature Price Bubbles to their QBank. 

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