Image Bank Sweden


The Image Bank that aims to market Sweden abroad

The Challenge

Image Bank Sweden's purpose is to market Sweden, and to increase the number of tourists and visitors going there. They were looking for an easy-to-use system to display their images of Sweden. Visitors should be able to search and share images and at the same time get inspired to actually visit Sweden.

The Solution

QBank created an image bank and a frontend built with QBank’s powerful search engine. By using tags on each image, Image Bank Sweden enable their visitors to filter their searches and find images according to their wishes. Visitors can also select images they like into a collection that they can share in different formats. All images are geo-tagged and connected to Google Maps, enabling visitors to see the exact location in Sweden that the image was taken, something that can inspire them to visit different parts of Sweden.

The Effect

The result of the new image bank was over 460 000 downloads in 2013 from all across the globe. The system also makes sure that the image has the correct tags and that all images are uploaded in high quality. This system also enables Image Bank Sweden to quickly reach the market with their material. Furthermore, statistics enable the ability to measure the amount of views and shares, making it easy for Image Bank Sweden to evaluate their efforts.

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About Image Bank Sweden

Image Bank Sweden is administered by the Swedish Institute and Visit Sweden.


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