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The Challenge

LG was in need of a system to supply their resellers with sales and marketing material and product images. Another important factor was that resellers needed to receive the material in the right version in order to establish a consistent brand image.

The Solution

By using QBank, LG can easily upload images and files in the desired format and deliver these to their resellers in an easy and secure manner.

The Effect

By turning delivery to resellers into an easy process, LG simplifies resellers’ usage of their material. It’s now easy to have resellers use the right formats and version of all files, thereby ensuring a consistent brand image. Statistics of resellers downloads also enables the function to measure campaign results, which help refine and strengthen LG’s marketing strategy. Most importantly, LG can now distribute their material to the market faster which strengthens their market strategy.

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LG Electronics is one of the world’s largest supplier and innovators within home electronics appliances, mobile communication and air source heat pumps.



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