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The Challenge

Svenskt Näringsliv (The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise) used to store their digital assets on several devices. This created confusion and demanded unnecessary time to search for the right file, and share it with the right recipient. They needed a system to collect and make their digital asset management more efficient. Another challenge lied in making sure that Svenskt Näringsliv could share files with their member organizations, who in turn use different systems to manage their digital assets.

The Solution

The solution was a QBank-based media portal on their intranet, that works as an internal media bank where employees and partners can search and retrieve files in desired format.

Through their intranet, each of Svenskt Näringsliv’s member organizations can access shared images and logotypes. Each member organization then has the opportunity to have their own place to administrate their digital assets and publish them from there. Several of the member organizations, such as EIO, SHR and the Transport Group (Transportgruppen), have now chosen to use QBank as their media bank as well.

Svenskt Näringsliv also uses QBank’s integration with the editorial solution Roxen, when producing their magazine Entreprenör (Entrepreneur). QBank creates an efficient workflow for editors to retrieve and publish files, as well as receive files from external parties such as photographers.

The Effect

Svenskt Näringsliv has significantly reduced the time spent retrieving files. They can know administer the organisations’ access to files, as well as ensure usage of the correct format and version. This has made workflow more efficient as well as created consistent brand communications. By integrating QBank with Roxen they have an complete control of the flow of files, from uploading to publishing.

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About Svenskt Näringsliv

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv) is Sweden’s largest and most influential business federation representing 49 member organizations and 60 000 member companies with over 1.6 million employees. It was founded in 2001 through the merger between the Swedish Employers’ Confederation (SAF, founded in 1902) and the Federation of Swedish Industry (SI, founded in 1910).


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