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The Challenge

Swedish Match needed a system that provided an easy way to share, sort and find files, especially marketing material such as logos, brand texts and pack shots, both external and internal. They needed a solution that also could be integrated with an existing business system.

- We have around 70 products that are tied to a large amount of images, text and not to mention large print files, explains Tommi Teofilovski, Business Analyst at Swedish Match. We needed a function where one could easily share the material in other channels externally and that could be used as a brand portal internally. Another crucial aim has been to cut overhead for managing files, which we feel that we have truly accomplished.

Another challenge lied in Swedish Match’s different brand managers for each brand, making it difficult to overview files as agencies sent material to the company by email. With the employees spread across the globe, managing assets and ensuring correct usage of files proved to be a complicated task.

By integrating QBank with your existing publishing system you get the framework to ensure that the brand gets the best solution that is required in a communication-intensive organization. 

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About Swedish Match

Swedish Match develops, manufactures, and sells market-leading brands in the product areas Snus and snuff, Other tobacco products (US mass market cigars and chewing tobacco), and Lights (matches and lighters). Well-known brands include General snus, Longhorn moist snuff, Red Man chewing tobacco, White Owl cigars, Cricket lighters, and Fiat Lux matches.


Swedish Match



  • Swedish Match Brand Portal
  • Swedish Match Brand Portal
  • Swedish Match Brand Portal


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