QBank Connector


QBank Connector for brand manual

Making sure that your organizations is on top of your brand guidelines isn't the easiest tasks without a proper tool. With the QBank Connector for Brand Manual you make sure brand consistency is on everyones agenda. 

Brand Manual from deBroome is a software that enables you to display your brand guidelines in an easy to access manor.





QBank Connector for Brand Manual

QBank Connector for Brand Manual enables you to display digital assets stored in QBank, without leaving the Brand Manual interface. You can gather both guidelines and relevant assets in one place and ensure that the users have access to the same correct information. Gone is the old and inaccurate PDF-version of your brand guidelines.


Instant Access

By using the QBank Connector for Brand Manual you will get instant access to your assets from QBank – available for publishing without leaving the Brand Manual interface.

Instant Access

The selection of which assets should be available in Brand Manual, is set in QBank. The administrators of Brand Manual will then get access to the accurate images and files for further publishing.


Publish your assets instantly in a Brand Manual Gallery. In the editor view, there are multiple choices for image layouts. This feature is available in a list as well. You can also select what type of file information should be available for the user.


See and download your images on your smart phone or tablet – Brand Manual is responsive and your assets from QBank and elsewhere will be adjusted to fit chosen device.


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