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DAM Connector for InDesign

InDesign is the number one go to tool when it comes to creative work for print and digital artwork, and is used by numerous Marketing and Communicatons Teams worldwide. 

By using QBank's Connector for InDesign you gain access to all your files and images within QBank, no need for manually downloading and there is no need to to work outside the InDesign interface.

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QBank Connector for InDesign

Using the Connector for Adobe InDesign, both in-house and external Graphic Designers can quickly and securely access documents and assets directly from within InDesign. The drag-and-drop functionality allows for quick placing of images - no need to manually download asset by asset.


Instant Access
Access accurate and approved digital assets from within the InDesign interface. Instant availability for in-house users and external users with the connector.
Approval & Correction
With version control you can keep track of the latest version and changes. Correctional and approval is easily managed with the comment feature in the Moodboards.
Keep Track
Keeping track of not only what images are used in a specific file, but more important, which files a specific image occurs in.
Generate PDF
The Connector automatically provides QBank with a low-resolution PDF document that is used for preview and approval rounds.

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