QBank Integrations


DAM integration for marketo

Building a solid Martech Stack is important for every Marketing Department, but without integrating those tools you cannot reach efficiency for real. Your Marketing Automation tool is most likely highly important to your team and your go to market strategy. By integrating QBank with Marketo you can automate workflows and keep consistency in your communications efforts.






QBank Integration for Marketo

Integrating your DAM to Marketo can vastly improve the efficiency and efforts of your Marketing Automation activities. With QBank’s advanced rights management you can control what media should be published to Marketo and available for email marketing and landing pages. 

QBank Search Capabilities
Instant Access
Publish your digital assets straight into Marketo. Always on brand and always automatically published in accurate version and size.
QBank Editing
The edit-tool helps you to easily edit your media in QBank. It allows you to quickly re-size, crop and adding new layers to images.
QBank Asset Uploading
Your assets are publishing into Marketo, ready for publishing. In QBank your are in full control and can publishing the same assets to websites and social media.
QBank Multiple Sites
With a DAM connected to your Marketing Automation tool you are in full control and can guarantee that your organization only publish accurate content. 

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