QBank Connector for Adobe Photoshop


One of the most used tools in MarTech Stacks is Adobe Photoshop. Most creative professionals use the software to create engaging material, and by using QBank's Connector for Adobe Photoshop you gain access to all your Photoshop files and images stored in your QBank. Everything is instantly accessible from within the Photoshop interface. No need to constantly switch between apps and windows, giving you more time to be creative.QBank photoshop connector laptop



Connector for Adobe Photoshop

Marketers spend a lot of time with their assets, especially with images since it is part of the majority of their content. Although QBank has some great basic features for editing images, sometimes you need to do a lot more than just cropping or resizing.The QBank Connector for Adobe Photoshop allows for instant access to your images in QBank. With our advanced rights management, you can even control what images should be available for usage in the Connector. Say goodbye to the old time-consuming creative processes.

With the QBank Connector for Adobe Photoshop, you can quickly import the QBank assets into Photoshop with a simple drag-and-drop. The asset is added as a new layer in your document. You ensure brand consistency, all while in complete creative control of the material your company puts out.

Photoshop Screenshots
Instant Access
Access accurate and approved digital assets from within the Photoshop interface. The connector allows for instant availability for in-house users and external users.
Pre-approved Images
With access to pre-approved assets and Photoshop templates, you can be sure that accurate images are used in your Marketing Campaigns.
Brand Consistency
Staying consistent and on-brand is key when it comes to brand consistency. Make sure to only use approved images and accurate Marketing templates.
Complete Control
With the increasing number of large image files and heavy videos, a reliable DAM will support you with an accessible and secure solution for your digital assets.