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There are a number of plugins for social media channels that provides the ability to access, crop and resize the images directly while editing the post. We have connectors for Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.

By using QBank you get assured that there is only one original of each image and video, then in a time efficient manner via plugins they get linked to social media pages where you want them to appear. With the appropriate format for the right channel, you will become a hero of social media publishing.

By using QBank and integrate with your social media strategy, you create a solution that is designed for the future purchasing behavior. The flow chart below shows how it can work.

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Search and filter media

Filter your files by their category and folder structure. The powerful search tool supports free-text search within properties such as file name, type, dimensions, users and custom properties.


When you have selected your assets, you simply add them by drag-and-drop it to the publishing link in your left-hand menu or by selecting an image and click the publishing button. Due to which social media channel you are publishing to you will get different setup properties.

Advanced integration tools

Together with our partner Falcon.io we offer an advanced social media platform for managing your social media channels.



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Dometic Group

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