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QBank Connector for TYPO3

Users of TYPO3 can easily find images in QBank and link them directly on the pages. This feature also applies to movies and mobile media that can be streamed directly from QBank.

The Connector allows you to;

  • Search and Filter Media
  • Edit Media
  • Upload and Publishing Media
  • TYPO3

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Search and filter media

Via a plugin, the web-editors can easily retrieve images and videos from the QBank archive and use them on their websites. It is also possible to upload pictures to QBank from the CMS tool. This allows local editors to add their own images on the page, even if they are not stored in the QBank. When uploading files, it is possible to link files to different folders. This helps especially for larger companies that have a complex and distributed organization.

Edit Media

Media can be edited both with text-editor TinyMCE and by media properties. The edit-tool helps you to easily edit your media directly in the Connector, without leaving the interface. Tag your media and set metadata to structure your files.


TYPO3 is a powerful CMS used for everything from small blogs to websites for global companies. It is an open source CMS and is free. TYPO3 is the third largest CMS in the world and is used by a variety of companies. More and more people realize the benefits of working with a flexible, user friendly, and license-free web publishing tool.




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