QBank Integration

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QBank Integration for Vitec

QBank offer an integration for Vitec's different tools. This integration is tailored after your needs and specifications. With many use cases, the Vitec integration is used by a number of industries like Real Estate and Construction. Many of Vitec's tools are image heavy and that way QBank could be a great integration to keep managing of original files in the DAM. Request a demo of the integration for best practice and inspiration.


Control who can publish what content in what channels with our rights management. Surely you don't want to add maintenance inspection images to your public website. 
Image Templates
Let QBank automatically publish your images in accurate size and resolution. All pre-determined by your editor to fit each distribution channel.
Use automations for quicker time-to-market and change versions of published images in QBank and the new version will appear in integrated channel.
Multiple sites
Organize originals
With QBank you only publish images in accurate format. The original image will always be kept in your DAM. Making sure you are in full control of published assets.

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