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QBank Connector for WordPress

We offer a Connector for WordPress. It gives you access to a powerful Digital Asset Management tool. You will gain access to all your files in QBank that you can publish directly without leaving the interface.


  • QBank is fully integrated, making it easy for the user to use images stored in QBank on the websites.
  • Link multiple sites from the same QBank archives.
  • It is also possible to upload images into QBank from WordPress. This allows local editors to add their own images, even if they are not stored in the QBank.
  • Add access rights and the images can be available for other editors as well.
  • Please visit our plugin-page at WordPress.org
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Search and filter media

Filter your files by the category and folder structure. The powerful search tool supports free-text search within properties such as file name, type, dimensions, users and custom properties.

Edit media

The edit tool helps you to easily edit your media directly in the Connector, without leaving the interface. Tag your media and set metadata in order to structure your files. The media tool also helps you to edit the size of your files and to create media templates. Media can be edited both in the text editing tool TinyMCE and by media properties.

Uploading and publishing

You can easily upload new files and publish them to your different channels. Media from QBank can be published both from the text editor TinyMCE and as a separate image property. Media is picked in the same interface where you add and manage media, which makes work for editors easier.

Responsive design and multi-sites

The Connector supports built-in management of multiple image formats for responsive websites which helps both editors and developers working with images and videos to be displayed on multiple devices.


Integration Video

Get to know the possibilities of integrating QBank with other tools