QBNK signs contract with global cosmetics company

Customer Case, Press Release February 24, 2015

QBNK has recruited one of the global leaders in the cosmetic- and beauty industry as a client to the platform QBank. They will initially be using QBank to manage and distribute company images, movies and marketing material to clients and partners on the nordic market.

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QBNK in partnership with Mogul

Partner, Press Release February 11, 2015

QBNK har signed a partner contract with Mogul, an agency that creates digital solutions in order to make life easier at work and at home. Mogul have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Belgrad. Mogul is a part of Addnode Group, whose B-stock is noted at Nasdaq OMX Nordic Small cap.

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QBank in partnership with Talos Media

Partner, Press Release February 10, 2015

QBank continues to engage in partner contracts and has now signed a contract with Talos Media, a media lab within film and animation.

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QBNK to attend Aktiedagen in Stockholm

Event, Press Release February 10, 2015

QBNK will participate in the Swedish Shareholder's Association's event Aktiedagen in Stockholm on March 9

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QBNK in partner contract with nearU

Partner, Press Release February 5, 2015

QBNK has signed a partner contract with nearU, a digital communications agency with offices in Uppsala and Stockholm.

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QBNK acquires new marketing channel through Internet Border

Partner, Press Release February 3, 2015

Internet Border, a leading operator in internet technology and business critical IT-systems, have entered a new partnership with QBNK to offer their clients the mediabanke QBank as a Digital Asset Management platform.

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QBNK acquires global pharmaceutical client

Customer Case, Press Release February 2, 2015

QBNK has signed with one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies who will use QBank as a platform for managing images, movies and other marketing material on the nordic market.

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