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When talking about benefits of DAM it would be easy to argue that it saves you money, period. That is true - in the long run it will save you money. But when implementing a DAM, you have to put some extra time into it. Otherwise, you risk implementing a solution that will not save you money nor time.

Once you take that extra time to set up a solid structure, and a strategy for usage, metadata, and tagging - it’s almost all downhill from there. With a DAM it quickly becomes clear on how much time you save by collecting all of your assets on one single platform. Since QBank work as a centralized hub, you no-longer need to spend time on searching, organizing, uploading, downloading and publishing images, videos, and other marketing material. From your DAM you can publish your images and videos to your CMS, PIM, social media, blog, etc. You can also track how your assets are being used with the analytic tools within QBank.

Are you interested in knowing more about how you can integrate QBank with other IT solutions, such as CMS, PIM, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft PowerPoint? Join our QBank webinars.

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QBank Connectors

QBank connectors

Learn more about QBank and how to optimize your DAM by adding our connectors. With these integrations you can save both time and money. 

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Infographic - chaos to order

QBank Infographic

Are you considering a DAM system? In our infographic we have illustrated common problem that can be resolved by managing your assets in a smarter way.

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QBank Customer Day

QBank Customer Day

On October 12 we are inviting you to an event in Helsinki, Finland. Special guest is Episerver. We will show you new features and how to integrate your DAM with Episerver.

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QBank Webinar - Episerver Connector

Events & Webinars

Get updated on this falls webinars. We demonstrate our Connectors for Sitecore, Episerver, SharePoint, and InDesign. Sign up or learn more in link below. Next up is QBank Webinar on Connector for Episerver.

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 Watch our video on how to handle Metadata in QBank


Taking care of your assets in QBank can help you to be more efficient in your communication. Learn how using metadata helps you stay in control of your assets. 

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