We've Donated to Pippi of Today - Charity for Refugee Girls

Customer Case January 14, 2020

When our longtime customer Astrid Lindgren Company asked us to contribute to the campaign Pippi of Today - for refugee girls, our answer was of course yes.

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Newsletter - April 2017

DAM Day, PowerPoint, Customer Case, Newsletter, Martech, events April 27, 2017

In a recent episode of ANOTHER DAM PODCAST, the Head of Digital Asset Management at The Coca-Cola Company was interviewed. When asked what’s the most appreciated feature of their DAM his answer came quickly, it enables and simplify reuse of content. The fact that “everything needs to turn into everything” and the use of the same content in multiple channels or brands, is familiar for many. Maybe you recognize this from your own marketing department. Today we rarely produce content for one cause, it’s usually being re-cropped, re-written and shared in multiple channels. This is what today’s communications landscape looks like and we need to cope with it.

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Newsletter - Mars 2017

DAM Day, Episerver, Customer Case, Newsletter, Falcon.io, Brand Manual, events, deBroome March 28, 2017

One of the best things about working with a DAM is that it is scalable. It works for the small agency of two, or for the global organization with 100 000 employees. There are similar ways to implement it, but how you use it can be very different. At DAM Day, May 4 in Gothenburg, you will get a great opportunity to be inspired on the many different ways to use a DAM. We are proud to present speakers from Ericsson, Consid and DigJourney.

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Newsletter - February 2017

Sitecore, Customer Case, Newsletter, inRiver, Falcon.io February 7, 2017

At QBank there is a lot going on, as always. We are happy to announce new features and new DAM solutions.

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Newsletter - May 2016

Metadata, Facebook, Customer Case, Newsletter, Webinar May 12, 2016

The last week in Stockholm has been amazing, nice and warm summer weather and streets filled with cheerful Eurovision Song Contest fans.

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