Newsletter - September 2017

DAM Day, Newsletter, Blog, events, Mobile APP September 28, 2017

September is coming to an end and we are getting ready for yet another eventful month. Three weeks ago, we had our fifth DAM Day, and it was a success.

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Newsletter - August 2017

DAM Day, Newsletter, events August 29, 2017

The air is getting slightly colder, the wind rougher, and the rhythm faster – it’s a fact, fall is coming. Not that it’s bothering us, we actually love it.

Now it is time for all the fun stuff we have been planning all spring. First out we have our Stockholm event DAM Day. An inspirational event to celebrate DAM!

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Newsletter - June 2017

DAM Day, Newsletter, Intershop, events June 30, 2017

Summer has finally arrived and Sweden has never been more beautiful. Before wishing you a great summer, we would like to give you some DAM inspiration. 

To boost you with inspiration we have a great event in September – DAM Day. It is in Swedish, so it requires some Swedish language skills. If you are not up on your Swedish, we suggest a visit to our new and improved website. We have added new case studies on different types of DAM solutions.

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Newsletter - May 2017

DAM Day, Newsletter, events May 31, 2017

Lack of time! The number one answer when we ask Marketing and Communications Teams about their biggest challenge. They simply spend time on dealing with their digital assets. Luckily for these teams there is a solution – Digital Asset Management or DAM. Some of our users save as much as three hours a day, after implementing their DAM. Instead, they can spend more time on marketing activities.

 On September 12, we invite you to learn more on how to work more efficiently with your digital assets. On DAM Day, you will meet QBank users and partners for an inspirational half day in Stockholm.

*DAM Day will be held in Swedish.

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Newsletter - April 2017

DAM Day, PowerPoint, Customer Case, Newsletter, Martech, events April 27, 2017

In a recent episode of ANOTHER DAM PODCAST, the Head of Digital Asset Management at The Coca-Cola Company was interviewed. When asked what’s the most appreciated feature of their DAM his answer came quickly, it enables and simplify reuse of content. The fact that “everything needs to turn into everything” and the use of the same content in multiple channels or brands, is familiar for many. Maybe you recognize this from your own marketing department. Today we rarely produce content for one cause, it’s usually being re-cropped, re-written and shared in multiple channels. This is what today’s communications landscape looks like and we need to cope with it.

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